ImageVault cloud

ImageVault in the cloud is a great thing. No need to purchase servers and maintaining them, no additional cost for installation and updates of the software and it can be up and running in no-time. Everything is managed in the cloud but the end user experience is exactly the same. Read more about our different packages.


The picture illustrates the difference between and traditional OnPremise installation and a Cloud using organisation. As shown there is more demanded and things to maintain for the OnPremise client then the Cloud client that leaves the responsibility to the supplier of the service.





















The scalability is especially valuable for organizations that have large variations in visitors on their website. Instead of purchasing servers to cope with the very top and sit with this invested maximum capacity throughout the year, you can choose to be at a lower capacity to automatically scale up at those times the pressure is greatest. This means that you only pay for the actual capacity you are using.

Content Delivery Network

CDN is primarily of importance for organizations working on many different markets. If a user from Europe visits a US website the data must be moved all the way and the individual's Internet speed will have little impact on page load. If the US based company had set up a point (server) in Europe, the European visitor would receive the data from the server which enhances the user experience.