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ImageVault.EPiServer Namespace

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Public classClientExtensionMethods
Extension methods for the ImageVault.Client.Client class that allows easy access to media when working with episerver properties
Public classEPiServerLogger
Public classEPiServerLogManager
Public classEPiServerPublishDetails
Publish details for Episerver page
Public classImageVaultClient
Helper class for retrieving the correct client for EPiServer
Public classCode exampleImageVaultModule
Plugin for ImageVault that handles the setup of the different ImageVault components inside EPiServer
Public classCode exampleImageVaultReference
Class to define a reference to an imagevault asset
Public classImageVaultReferenceUtil
Summary description for ImageVaultReferenceUtil.
Public classMediaQueryData
Public classCode exampleMediaReference
This class describes the data stored in the PropertyMedia and is used as a reference to lookup media from ImageVault. Here we store the Id of the selected media, edits for the media and additional metadata entered by the EPiServer editor.
Public classCode exampleMediaReferenceListT
Defines a media list that can be serialized to a EPiServer property
Public classCode examplePropertyMedia
This is a Property that allows the editor to select a Media item from ImageVault
Public classCode examplePropertyMediaT
A property to use for using a media from ImageVault.
Public classPropertyMediaControlT
Defines the control responsible for displaying the PropertyMedia
Public classCode examplePropertyMediaControlBaseT
Defines the base class for a PropertyMediaControl
Public classPropertyMediaList
This is a Property that allows the editor to select multiple Media items from ImageVault
Public classCode examplePropertyMediaListT
Base class for PropertyMediaList types
Public classCode examplePropertyMediaListControlT
The default control for editing and displaying a PropertyMediaList
Public classPropertyMediaSettings
Defines the settings for the PropertyMedia
Public classPropertyMediaSettingsUI
The UI class for the propertyMediaSettings class
Public classThumbnailFormatUtil
Public classViewContextExtensions
Public interfaceIEPiServerInitializer